Cluj Veterinary Journal was first published in the year 1991, with Prof. Dr. Ioan Boitor as the coordinating director of the editorial board. In the structure of the journal, the following is included: bibliographic synthesis on specialty domains, scientific papers, modern diagnosis and treatment methods, special clinical cases, bibliographic summaries, books and monographies that appeared both locally and in foreign countries, national and international symposiums, reverential regards to professional personalities and a cultural page. Beginning with 2002, with the appearance of the sixth number of the magazine, a reverential number– 40 years of local veterinary education, the component of the editorial board, the journal format and design change.
Coordinating director of the new editorial board is Prof. Dr. Ioan Ştefan Groza, and as members of the scientific board, professors from France, Spain and Belgium were appointed. The new magazine format and the restructured component of the editorial board has increased the scientific value of the papers, opening new horizons for the medical veterinary research, both in the country and abroad. The Journal is edited under the aegis of the University for Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, collaborating with veterinary medicine faculties throughout the country and abroad. The published articles are included in the veterinary medicine domain, where authors with national and international reputation publish. In the time span 2008–2010 we can notice the appearance of articles published in our journal, that have special scientific value.
Beginning with the year 2009, the magazine is published entirely in English, participating in foreign veterinary publication exchange with ISI and International Database indexed journals.
The best articles of each year in this time span (2007-2010) are as follows: Răpuntean Gh., N. Fiţ, S. Răpuntean, 2007, RNA interference: principles, in vitro and in vivo evaluation methods, possible therapeutic applications, Ciupercescu D., Emöke Pall, 2007, Cloning, future biotechnology in animal reproduction, Mihai Cenariu, Ioan Groza, Simona Ciupe, Brandusa Stegeran, Emoke Pall, 2007, Bovine embryo sexing using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), Bogdan l, I. Groza, Anamaria Petrean, Sorana Matei, V. Iuga, A. David, Sidonia Bogdan, 2008, Early pregnancy diagnosis in French alpine goats; Crăciun C., ²Marina Spînu., ¹Barbu-Tudoran l., ¹Mihali C., ³Tămaş M.N., 2008 Ultrastructural studies on organs involved in the immune response in farm rabbits treated with vegetal extracts of Hippophae rhamnoides and Vaccinium myrtillus, Millan Moreno, M Moreno, M. J. Moreno, 2008, Cytogenetical and reproductive studies in Spanish breed horses: first case of xy sex reversal; Munteanu Al. I. Papuc, Ira G. Federspiel, Clayton Nicola S. Emery Nathan J. 2009, The social context of contact calls by rooks; Millán Miguel Moreno, 2009, Sciences services, management and engineering: one answer to the emergent services sector; Melania Crisan, Jean-Marie Denoix, Aurel Damian, 2010, The Ultrasonographic Anatomy of the Equine Foot Using Transcuneal Approach; Dumitru Erhan, 2010, Epidemiology of dicroceliosis and changes in some chemical indices of muscular tissue and liver of cattle in the Republic of Moldova; Dumitriţa Rugină, Timea Szakal, Sanda Andrei, Andrea Bunea, Adela Pintea, 2009, AG1, AG2, AM1 and AB2 aflatoxins effects on human retinal pigment epithelial cells; Cosmin Mureşan, Robert Cristian Purdoiu, Alexandra Nicoleta Păvăloiu, Ionel Papuc, 2010, Ectrodactyly in a mixed-breed dog.
















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